Balloon Ascension Broadsides, c. 1835

Balloon ascension announcement, May 13, 1835.


Balloon ascension announcement, April 6, 1835 (partial image).


A hot-air balloon with the visage of Daniel O’Connell carrying a basket of conservative ministers. Coloured lithograph by H.B. (John Doyle), 1836.


Le voyage aérien : grande valse triomphale : Op. 188 : pour piano [185?]

Louis, N. (Nicolas), 1808-1857. cmp; Janet, Gustave, 1829- ill; Bertauts (Firm) lth; Bella C. Landauer Collection of Aeronautical Sheet Music (Smithsonian Institution. Libraries) DSI


With a burning spear and a horse of air,

To the wilderness I wander.