Brevet Lieutenant General Winfield Scott

“Old Fuss and Feathers”


Portrait of Winfield Scott by George Catlin, c. 1835. Public domain.


Major General Winfield Scott at Vera Cruz, March 25, 1847. Copy of lithograph by Nathaniel Currier. Accessed April 5, 2022.


The British commander watched the advancing American line contemptuously, for its men wore the rough gray coats issued those untrained levies he had easily whipped before. As the ranks advanced steadily through murderous grapeshot he realized his mistake: “Those are regulars, by God!” It was Winfield Scott’s brigade of infantry, drilled through the previous winter into a crack outfit. It drove the British from the battlefield; better still, after two years of seemingly endless failures, it renewed the American soldier’s faith in himself. Unknown date [after 1814]. US Army Center of Military History DA Poster 21-39 The Battle of Chippewa. Accessed April 5, 2022.