Another Poser & Still Another

“Another Poser,” Alexander’s Weekly Messenger, January 22, 1840, p. 2, col. 5   

“Still Another,” Alexander’s Weekly Messenger, January 22, 1840, p. 2, col. 5  



A correspondent sends us a very curious looking piece of MS indeed, in which the characters are the ugliest and drollest hieroglyphics imaginable (we having no type in our office which would come within a mile of them) and requests us to give him the translation, according to a promise made some weeks ago — a promise, by the way, which our friend does not seem to think likely we will keep, for the good reason that we cannot. We leave him, however, to judge for himself. The translation of what he has sent us, is as follows:

“We are all anxiously looking for the arrival of the enlarged Messenger in the village of Cheviot, Ohio, which, if it equals the editor’s description, and consequently our high anticipations, we shall be much gratified to peruse, as we are already much pleased with the present volume.”

The writer says in a note, “Just let us into the secret, as we are fond of the marvellous.” Well, what will he give us for the secret? — it is a wonderful one and worth paying for. Let him send us on a list of forty subscribers, with the money, and we will give him a full explanation of our whole method of proceeding.



Just as we were going to press we received the following from some one in the city:

Observing that you are good at deciphering puzzles, I send you the following, similar to one published in your last. I assure you that is isbona fide, a sensible affair. I shall feel much pleased if will publish it in your next, with a solution.

For Alexander’s Weekly Messenger.

6! 6793,*47

895,41||4!. 85675 !3 ¶395 ,†6:: †3:|| †59 ,061

95*29!4!. 956,3! [56¶ 6 .:6|| ||5!4!, 961

5!4,†*5!4!. (955||3¶ !559 †59 [6!!59 06‡5

?2,:475 6!|| °92*† ,†6:: ¶55* 6! 569:1 .96‡5

2:||50 *†l 4!(:25!75 ,†6:: !6*43!, [30

||4,739|| 6!|| 7†63. ¶69§ *†l 5!‡432, [930

4¶659432, ¶3!,*59 !6*295, ||56||:45,* (35

732:|| 55! 859(57*43! (:1 *†1 *†956*!4!. [:30

5*59!6: ,7329.5 3( †6884!5,, [5:30

A. B. T.

We reply that it will afford us the greatest pleasure to do so, at once. The translation is as follows: —


P residing Peace no more shall hold her sway,

R eturning Reason beam a gladening ray,

E nlightening Freedom ne’er her banner wave,

J ustice and Truth shall meet an early grave;

U nder thy influence shall nations bow;

D iscord and Chaos mark thy envious brow.

I mperious monster, Nature’s deadliest foe,

C ould e’en Perfection fly thy threat’ing blow,

E ternal scourge of Happiness below?

A. B. T.